Our vision is to offer community to those seeking a welcoming space to workout what it means to follow Jesus.

Following Jesus is not something you do alone. We believe that we’re designed to be in relationship with God and with each other. Developing authentic, honest relationships with each other is one of our main priorities.

Our vision is not to reach a particular destination but to go on the journey together, helping each other notice God in our day-to-day lives and supporting one another through the complexities of life. Therefore we don’t see church simply as something you attend, but a living community where our lives are intertwined with each other and the city throughout the week.

For us, church is not a place to be given all the answers but a community where you can be yourself, where you can voice your doubts and struggles and where together we can work out what it might look like to follow Jesus.

Our ultimate hope is that as we encounter Jesus we are transformed and as a result empowered to love those around us, revealing glimpses of Jesus and impacting the city for the better.

Our values

Relationships: We were designed to be in relationship with God and with each other. Let’s cultivate authentic relationships of depth and quality with God and those we meet.

Engagement: Following Jesus is active, not passive. We serve and love people in a mixture of ways. Everyone in the church gets to play, not just in church activities, but also in God’s wider mission to Exeter.

Transformation: As we encounter God we grow and change. Relationships and engagement with God and each other will lead to transformation in the church and the city.