The Fast And The Curious

Saturday 9th May Posted by Chris

Eating is fantastic. Food, glorious food. This week though, we’re going to spend 24 hours NOT DOING IT. No eating. No food. This week we’re going to be fasting. Here are some of the reasons why and how you can join us.

A New Way Of Doing Church Gatherings

Tuesday 24th March Posted by Chris

Being forced to stop, to change, to adapt. There’s something about that which has led me to re-examine some of the very fundamentals of my daily habits and rhythms. Not being able to gather together physically as a church has called me back to question again why we even do it at all.

The Hangout

Saturday 3rd August Posted by Rich

In the seven years of our existence we’ve never had any young people that were at secondary school age. But it turns out kids keep growing, so we’ve got a couple of little angels that have turned eleven and will be starting high school in September.