Weekend Away 2018

Wednesday 10th January Posted by Rich

We've found that carving out a weekend in a different space has been a brilliant opportunity to be family together, to have fun and to create space to encounter God in fresh ways. Join us for our 2018 Weekend Away!

Thin Places

Wednesday 15th February Posted by Rich

A phrase we’ve been throwing around a lot lately — particularly in relation to our weekend gatherings — is ‘thin places’. This metaphor isn’t a new concept, it’s roots our found in Celtic Christianity. Originally the phrase was a way of describing those places and moments where it feels like heaven and earth meet, that the space between them is so thin, that you can actually catch glimpses of God.

CLC Weekend Away

Sunday 8th March Posted by Chris

Every year we like to get out of Exeter together to spend a weekend having fun, eating well and deepening our relationships with God and each other. It's that time again. In just a couple of months, City Life Church Exeter will gather together for our weekend which we're calling Retreat. Here's everything you need to know.

Thoughts from Share

Wednesday 5th November Posted by Callum

At the last Share gathering, I shared some of my thoughts on how I combine my work as a PhD student and how that shapes my expression of engagement. Rightfully, we have been talking about engagement as something we do outside the time-spaces of church gatherings and small groups.