Weekend Away 2018

Wednesday 10th January Posted by Rich

We've found that carving out a weekend in a different space has been a brilliant opportunity to be family together, to have fun and to create space to encounter God in fresh ways. Join us for our 2018 Weekend Away!

Represent Weekend

Monday 15th July Posted by Rach

On a weekend in late June, churches from all over the Plumbline Network joined together for ‘Represent’.  Represent was a weekend away held at a farm in St Ives, to come together in our diversity, spending time with God and deepening our relationships.

God Loves a Dare

Monday 1st July Posted by Steph

I’ve learnt in recent months that God likes a good old fashioned dare. You know like when you said to a friend as a kid, I dare you to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon (ok that dare may have happened between me and some friends quite recently, but that’s a different story all together) and then as a kid you’d return it with ‘I double dare ya’.

Little Up-date

Tuesday 21st May Posted by Steph

It’s been just over 3 months since we (The Walkers) moved and 97 Buddle Lane is just beginning to feel like home. It’s been a crazy few months of settling in, gaining a lodger, family and friends visiting and Evelyn learning to crawl and eat solid food.