Friday 19th October Posted by Steph

God’s got a plan for us. I wish I knew it. I’m stuck in this frustrating place where I want to move to Exeter to where I believe God has called us to go and we can’t. We can’t because our house just won’t sell. We can’t move before it sells, paying the mortgage and then rent on a house in Exeter would leave us down £600 a month.

Honey Milkshake

Monday 18th April Posted by Chris

The land of milk and honey. No kidding.

This weekend has been marked by a preview of the summer to come, a walk along the river in brilliant sunshine and an evening warm enough to enjoy my first BBQ of the year.  I feel great after my first visit to Exeter. Not in an uncontainable excited way but in a warm, firey, hopeful way. I think it goes deeper than the weather.