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Exploring Your Connection

Monday 23rd September Posted by Rich

To help people find out more about City Life Church we run a short 4 week course called Exploring Your Connection. Coming along doesn’t commit you to anything but will paint a picture of our story, values and theology which will help you decide if this could be a community for you.

The course is for those people that are:

- thinking of joining us
- wanting to learn about church
- formalising links with our church

What  is the format?

The course is run on a 4 week cycle. You can jump into the course at any point over those four weeks and you don’t need to be able to do all the dates in one go to commit to coming. The topics are:
- vision and values
- relationship
- engagement
- transformation

Each evening will run from 8pm to 10pm, and begin with dinner.

After food someone from the church will go through some key things about our community. It’s not a lecture, the aim is to encourage people to ask questions and generally interact.

After there is room for discussion as a group about our previous experience, thoughts arising and any remaining question.

We’ll finish by praying together.

What are the topics?

Each topic explores a number of different aspects:

Vision and Values
Why we exist
How we are run and overseen
What our vision is
How we outwork that vision

God’s view of humanity
The quality of our relationships
Openness and honesty

Sacred and secular life
The role of the church
The kingdom of God
Everyday spirituality

Being a disciple
Appreciating grace
Change and freedom
Giving and service

What next?
The next course will run on Wednesday evenings at 8pm:

- 30th October

- 6th Novermber

- 13th November

- 20th November


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