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The Hangout

Saturday 3rd August Posted by Rich

In the seven years of our existence we’ve never had any young people that were at secondary school age. But it turns out kids keep growing, so we’ve got a couple of little angels that have turned eleven and will be starting high school in September.

A big moment for us and a bigger one for them, it’s a significant change.

So to help with this transition and to give an extra context to develop relationships in the church we’ve come up with The Hangout. The Hangout will be a monthly gathering on a Friday night hosted at different homes around the community. Food, fun and a chance to check in with each other.

We have loads of hopes and dreams for the tribe of young people in CLC, three core hopes are:
1) That they would experience the love of God we often talk about, through how they are treated by the adults in the community.
2) They they would develop strong, healthy relationships with a variety of adults so they have people in addition to their parents to turn to when life gets tough.
3) That the young people would develop good, deep relationships with each other so they can work out their faith together, learn what it means to follow Jesus and cheer each other on.

Our hope is the The Hangout will be an extra space to nurture these hopes.


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