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Think Tank - Bible

Monday 15th October Posted by Rich

This year in our Think Tank gathering we’re delving into specific words that we use in the Christian language, examining the different ways of understanding these words and looking at the implications for how we follow Jesus as a result.

There will never be enough time in one gathering to cover all the theories and thoughts around each word, so the hope is that these are just the start of the conversation. We’re hoping you’ll find spaces to continue the conversations and resources to inform your thinking.

We’ll use the blog to point you in the direction of some other resources you might find helpful.

This week we looked at the bible, what is it, how should we approach it, what’s our relationship with it has been over the years and how that has changed?

Here are a few audio treats for you:

If you missed the actual gathering, Adam shared some really helpful thoughts with us about what’s in the bible and how it was constructed. Have a listen here.

If you’d like to have a think about how we might approach the bible then you might like to listen to this interview with Eugene Peterson who wrote the message translation and talks about the metaphorical language of the bible. Or this interview with Andy Stanley who reimagines the word scripture. Or this liturgist podcast on… yes you guessed it, the bible.

If you’ve struggled with the bible in the past but you’d be interested in reengaging with it in a fresh way then you might like to listen to this interview with Rachel Held Evans about her book about loving the bible again, or this interview with Rob Bell about his book ‘What is the Bible’ (I have this book if you want to borrow it). 

Hopefully these podcasts will help you get your teeth into it, but do seek out conversations in the small groups or over a coffee if you’re keen to journey with people in the community on it.

Have fun.


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