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Weekend Gatherings

Our weekend gatherings are a chance to meet all toghether. We aim to create a welcoming environment for people to meet and encounter Jesus, holding spaces to notice God, learn and connect with each other.

We express these in variety of creative forms but in each gathering we hope to:

  • reflect Jesus
  • be engaging and welcoming
  • encourage, challenge and inspire
  • be accessible for all


This Year
We’re currently have a rhythm of three different gatherings which we alternate between.


We believe everyone is welcome at God's table. This gathering is an opportunity to express that through a shared meal, offering community to anyone and everyone. We eat tasty food, enjoy each others company and reflect on what we're thankful for.



God is present in every aspect of life. It's also helpful to have specific spaces where we're intentially trying to notice and interact with God, this is what our Encouter gathering is all about. We try to create a 'thin place' where it's easier to glimpse God and experience love. You can expect singing, space for reflection and practices that have traditionally helped people experience God.



What does it look like to follow Jesus? Our Think Tank gathering is space to think, chat and learn about how we do this. At the heart of this gathering is a desire to create a non-judgmental environment where we can all share our experiences and perspectives so that we can learn from each other.


During Encounter and Think Tank we run Kids Club aimed at children aged 3-11. During Open Table everyone is in the gathering together for the whole duration.

Next Weekend Gatherings

Freestyle Summer image

Sunday 8th August : Freestyle Summer

The church is a community of people, not a meeting. Freesyle then is not a break from church, but space for rest, play and creativity. Read more about our thoughts on Freestyle here.

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Future Weekend Gatherings