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Weekend Gatherings

Our weekend gatherings are a chance to meet all toghether. We aim to create a welcoming environment for people to meet and encounter Jesus, holding spaces to notice God, learn and connect with each other.

We express these in variety of creative forms but in each gathering we hope to:

  • reflect Jesus
  • be engaging and welcoming
  • encourage, challenge and inspire
  • be accessible for all

This Term

We’re currently have a rhythm of three different gatherings which we alternate between.

The purpose of our Open Table gathering is to experience being welcomed, not just as part of the community but also into God's Kingdom. We gather around a table, share food together as equals, and welcome each other — those known and unknown — to be a part of the body. There will always be a seat free.

God is in every aspect of life, the challenge is learning to see or notice God at work. Encounter is a gathering where we explore different ways to open our eyes and connect with God in our daily lives. We'll experiment with different spiritual practices and tools to experience God in the gatherings and take into normal life.

We want to learn how to follow Jesus together in community. We use the Think Tank gathering to create some space to explore the theology that shapes how we view God and the world around us. We're using the language of Christianity as a doorway to do this, taking particular words that are key to describing our faith and looking at the potential baggage these words might carry for people and thinking about alternative understandings.

Next Weekend Gatherings

Direction image

Sunday 28th April 4.00pm: Direction

Join us for Direction where we'll have some space to think about the term ahead.

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Future Weekend Gatherings